About Us

We serve children ages 6-21,
all across the United States.

Preston is a young man with Mitochondrial Disease, which leaves him with low muscle tone and developmental delays. He tires easily and has balance issues but everyday he wakes up smiling and determined to keep up with this friends and especially his big brother!

During the summer of 2011 Preston was blessed to have an adaptive bike donated to him through a fundraiser that was donated to him through a fundraiser that was developed by a family friend. The Buenaga family was amazed by this overwhelming support, and they are determined to “pay it forward” by raising money (each bike costs between $1400 and $2500) for more children to realize their dream of riding their own bike.

Preston’s March for Energy was created with this goal in mind. With the overwhelming need for adaptive recreational equipment for children with disabilties and the concern for childhood obesity Preston’s March For Energy’s mission is to provide adaptive bikes to children with special needs.


Board Members

Deb Buenaga

Executive Director

Steve Buenaga

Deputy Director

Lisa Ross


Evan Friedkin


Andy Dowling

Scott Bell

Kyle Buzzard

Travis Ross

Greg Star

Our 501(3)c tax ID # is 453613509