Callie and Friends

by David Hallberg


So, first there was one on roller skates and she said, Callie – that’s a cool bike, let me go get mine! And then the next gal came out, and they were a trio. And now they are racing around playing squid in the cul de sac…And my heart is happy and thankful! Mary Stephens

Kate’s New Bike

by David Hallberg


Thank you SO much to Preston’s March For Energy and the Glen Mills Thornbury Rotary Club for Kate’s new bike! We feel so fortunate to have benefited from your generosity and efforts. Please extend our thanks and appreciation to others in your organizations. Kate had a chance to try out her new bike this past…

Miracles Really Happen

by David Hallberg


My family and I moved from Michigan to Delaware three years ago. We have been embraced with love and acceptance from so many people even complete strangers. Raising two children alone with disabilities is very challenging. I would have never know that my path would cross with Deb, because of a chance meeting of another…

Lisa Haubert – October 24, 2014

by RyanAlexander

Happy tears tonight… Maddie asked to ride her bike tonight (just like every night) and I went outside and helped her get situated. She rode to the bottom of the driveway and announced, “Hey guys! Wanna ride bikes together?” The two neighborhood boys replied, “Sure Maddie… Let’s go!” She giggled with them all the way…