Shamrock Sportsfest | March 15 – 17

shamrock 2019
“So, first there was one on roller skates and she said, Callie – that’s a cool bike, let me go get mine! And then the next gal came out, and they were a trio. And now they are racing around playing squid in the cul de sac…And my heart is happy and thankful.”
Callie’s mom Mary

Mary’s story is similar to many of our parents who write us to thank us for giving their child a bike, a bike to call their own, a dream, a wish, a smile! Yes it is a dream that so many children have, to ride a bike, but it is also a dream for a parent! As a parent you have so many dreams and wishes, one of those is to ride a bike. We all think riding a bike is a small wish but it is so big for so many parents. These are parents who fight for their children everyday and only want the best for them.

Preston’s March has made this dream come true for over 330 children in 34 different states. 7 years ago The Buenaga’s shared that same wish for their son, Preston and when Preston rode his bike for the first time they knew they wanted to “pay it forward”. That became a reality when Preston’s March was incorporated in 2011.

With over 70 children on the waiting list donations from individuals, corporations and fundraisers, are crucial to help make more smiles! Last year J&A Racing helped present bikes to 6 very special children from the Hampton Roads area during the Shamrock weekend. Join Preston and his family and friends as they raise more funds to make more dreams come true. The smiles that a child has when they hop on their very own bike is absolutely priceless. Why not choose a “reason to run”! You can help a child ride a bike! You will receive a Preston’s March shirt and swag and assistance in fundraising. Email Deb Buenaga at if you would like to help make more smiles like Callie’s!