Preston’s Repurpose project

Return the bike to us and we will Repurpose to make someone else’s dream come true

All our bikes are custom-made; but bike parts are interchangeable, making it easy to adapt to children as they grow or their needs change.

We would like children to enjoy their bikes as long as possible – if a child needs additional assistance riding we can certainly make adaptations or if the bike has been outgrown and the child is still interested in riding we will replace their old bike with a new one that accommodates all their needs.

We love to see children ride our bikes but also know that over the years they grow up, their interest might change, or their physical limitations may hinder their ability to use their bikes. If a bike is outgrown or a child does not ride his or her bike, we understand and do not take it to heart. We have a REPURPOSING PROGRAM! You can return the bike to us and we can help someone else’s dream to ride a bike come true. If you have an unwanted adaptive bike that is in good shape but was not donated by Preston’s March For Energy we will take that too and make sure it finds a good home.

After the bikes are returned, we refurbish them, make any necessary adaptations and complete a tune-up. Then we donate the bikes to children from our waiting list, or to schools and community centers where children in need of adaptive bikes can use them.

On average there are 55 to 60 names on our waiting list at all times. We do our best to give bikes to all children as soon as possible; but the wait can still be up to a year. We receive bike applications from all over the country. So even if you don’t live close to us we can certainly find children in your area who would love to ride a bike. If you would like to be part of making a child smile and participate in the bike unveiling ceremony, please let us know, we would love to have you there.

Please contact us if you feel that your child’s needs have changed and accommodations in their bikes are necessary or if your child’s bike is not in use anymore. We will be happy to add you to our repurpose project.

Email us at or or call us at (302) 377-3923

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