“The last 11 ½ years have been amazing and we are so blessed by the love and support we have received. The families we have met along the way and the hugs from the children will always remain in our hearts.

670 bikes, 40 different states, many miles of smiles with one goal! To help children ride a bike, some who may have never thought they could ride one. We will remember each smile, not only from the child but also from their parents, family and friends. Actually, from anyone who was watching. You couldn’t help but notice all the smiles.

Now it is time to move on to create another chapter. We are very proud of those smiles that we have been able to make. We would like to thank all of you! Our board members, our family and friends, our corporate sponsors and even other nonprofits! Thank you to everyone that followed us on social media and liked our posts. Thank you to everyone who donated to Preston’s “Love Bike” 12 years ago. That single act of kindness propelled us onto this journey of paying it forward. This has been a wonderful chapter in our lives and we feel truly blessed that you were along for the ride. We love you all.”

Remember to make someone smile everyday
Deb, Steve, Alex and Preston Buenaga


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