My family and I moved from Michigan to Delaware three years ago. We have been embraced with love and acceptance from so many people even complete strangers. Raising two children alone with disabilities is very challenging. I would have never know that my path would cross with Deb, because of a chance meeting of another friend Jennifer.

My children and I created a vision board for our family last year. One of the things listed on a post it note was an Adaptive Bike for Sydney. Sydney has autism and epilepsy. She has always watched other children in the neighborhood ride their bikes. However she wasn’t able to ride a bike independently.

When my friend told me about Preston’s March for Energy I read about the organization and was so impressed at everything that The Buenaga Family was doing for so many families. I completed an application for Sydney to receive an adaptive bike. I knew that there was a waiting list for children to receive bikes and not sure if our application would even be accepted.

On June 24, 2016 on the most perfect evening, Preston’s March For Energy presented Sydney with a pink bike with a basket on the back. She was thrilled and took off riding as soon as she sat on her bike. I cry every time she rides the bike in our neighborhood. She has the freedom to ride and her communication has improved when we are out riding bikes.

Preston’s March for Energy renewed my hope that miracles still happen. Our family is humbled and blessed to have met such a wonderful family. It is our mission to now help to support this wonderful organization in the future.

The Copher Family
Brooke, Harrison and Sydney


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